our solution

we give breathing space
to ICT-partners

Good IT expertise is scarce. As an IT supplier, it is therefore super important to organize the standard activities as well as possible.

Many ICT parties excel in customer friendliness and with equal attention to every customer question that comes their way. That’s a great philosophy, but often not enough for lasting success. We are happy to make your work as an IT specialist easier.

more sustained growth and success for you as ICT entrepreneur, stressfree

1A First Alternative knows the challenges, pitfalls and success factors of ICT partners. We have made it our job to facilitate and relieve IT partners like you. We do this very practically and concretely. With business and ICT solutions.

To achieve a successfully operating business of ICT partners, we distinguish seven success factors. These factors reinforce each other if they are set up correctly. These are:


We offer SME companies an office environment in the cloud with Office 365, telephony and more. We develop and manage a to-the-point, cloud-based solution based on open technologies. The most common situation is to have the entire workplace in the cloud.

In some cases it may be useful to connect the cloud directly to your location through a permanent VPN tunnel or a domain extension. It is also possible to purchase telephony only. Then you can always scale up further to a complete environment afterwards. The choice of open standards also means maximum efficiency for our SME clients. Why pay for expensive licenses if it is unnecessary?

Open en transparant is also our way of operating. We provide maximum insight into the most important criteria for the customers of our ICT partners. And proactively maintain the performance, ease of use and security of our ICT solutions through updates. And because the design of our 1A cloud exactly matches the requirements and objectives of SMEs, your customer never pays too much.

Our remotely managed, integral IT platform is available as a service for SMEs. This provides SME customers with more availability and better accessibility thanks to a more stable IT environment and an often significant reduction in IT costs.

Our cloud solution offers your customers as an ICT partner a proven, scalable and smart workplace and more predictable turnover and margin.


A lock on the front door is nice, but what about the back door? Security goes beyond locks on the server room, changing passwords and installing an anti-virus system. An effective plan takes ransomware, DDOS attacks and identity fraud into account. And more. Security is the common thread in everything we do: it is our DNA.

It is important to be aware that cybercrime is an everyday occurrence. Be cautious in providing data (online) to third parties. A bank or government will under no circumstances ask you to provide information by email or telephone. If this does happen, you may be on the radar of cybercriminals. Pay nothing and never provide your details.

We offer SME companies and their ICT partners the safest and most user-friendly working environment possible. That is why we are happy to help with a thorough battle plan and design of the IT environment. After all, it is dependent on optimally functioning and secure ICT.

1A has the most demanding and extensive independent inspections in the field of security. For example, 1A 27001 is certified, and annual audits ensure its further development. 1A has also been successfully audited based on the ISAE 3402 type 2 reporting. Experiences that we also like to share and capitalize on with and for our ICT partners.


ICT knowledge is usually not the biggest bottleneck for ICT service providers that aim to do better for their SME customers. A smart design requires the right tools. These tools are sometimes technical and often organizational in nature.

We distinguish between tools for operation and for implementation. These are operating tools that every IT partner needs to properly start up and set up a customer environment.

Consider all project-related activities during start-up, upgrade and restart. Implementation tools are intended to support the support and management processes as effectively and efficiently as possible. 1A guarantees the selection and further development of the very best, proven tools for operation and implementation.

In addition to the ‘standard’ cloud workplace in SMEs, it is often also possible to integrate existing applications that are important for business operations. SME parties thus obtain a scalable solution, which is managed by a team of specialists. For your customers as an IT partner, this means more continuity: they can simply continue to work without IT worries. Consider specialist software in the field of CAD/CAM, financial administration or facility management.