About us

We provide complete ICT solutions for SMEs for a fixed price per month via certified 1A-partners.

In 2001 1A First Alternative started development on a network solution for SME with the idea that ICT should contribute to productivity and should not cost unnecessary amounts of time.

The focus points were:

  • a random employee should be able to easily perform daily administration
  • updates should be done automatically
  • there should be a continuous trajectory, meaning no ‘old’ versions
  • monitoring of the hardware and software should be done continuously

In particular for companies with 5 to 50 employees there is much indistinctness about how ICT can assist making a business run smoother. 10 years ago we started development on the 1A server. After 2 years of hard work we managed to mould the complex matter into useable, and especially comprehensible, components and marketed it as a continuous service. The 1A server is the heart of a company’s ICT. Read more about how we do this »

SME specialist

1A First Alternative has gathered a network of 1A partners who can install and maintain the 1A server at your company. These 1A partners can also give advice about other IT related affairs, like telephony (Voice over IP, VoIP), internet and applications. They are regular SME specialists who can provide outstanding judgement on what you need and can assist u with becoming carefree of your IT questions. This way you can focus fully on your core business.

The SME specialist nearby inspires confidence..

1A First Alternative’s track record

Since then we have established quite a track record with over 450 managed servers servicing over 400 customers. The ease of use, the continuity and the quality have proven to our customers that we live up to what we promis: IT management made easy.

By outsourcing support, you are ensured of continuity as well. You can focus on running your business. Read more about our mission »

Opensource technologie

Our software mostly has its basis in open source software, which is why we can exercise major influence on functionality, security and remedying imperfections.