Your 1A-network

Each company is unique. 1A First Alternative is very flexible. Discover how it fits in your organisation.

For small organisations
The 1A-server can serve 99% of all small businesses. In this set-up, there is one central 1A-server in the network: the Small Business Server.

Multiple server 1A
Larger organisations demand an extended ICT-environment. For this purpose we created the Master/Slave-setup.

For organisations with multiple offices
More officesmore_vert
For organisations with multiple offices we created the Master/Delegate-setup. All of your offices are securly connected and can be managed at your central office.

For larger organisations with multiple offices
More offices and extendedmore_vert
For larger organisations with multiple offices we combine two environements.

Hosted 1A
For organisations that do not want servers on their offices, there is Hosted 1A. Your 1A-server will in that case be located on a private part of our cloud server in one of our data centers.

1A-server as an AD-member
For all other environmentsmore_vert
There are implemantations possibel, even if your company’s wishes are different from our standard set-ups. 1A is a very flexible environement.

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