Benefits for your company

When you choose 1A First Alternative, you choose security and you prevent unpleasant surprises. Your organisation can be focusing on its core business instead of on IT-challenges. Your ICT becomes a means instead of an end.

The benefits of 1A First Alternative

  1. Versatile: all services are perfectly integrated and available to all employees. Extra services such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and collaboration (calenders, contacts, online precense) are also possible. Read more about these and other elements »
  2. Easy: very easy to use, without any preexisting ICT-knowledge. Our 1A-manager makes maintining, expanding and managing automation and system managment easy. We do the difficult managing for you. Read more about 1A-support »
  3. Affordable: low initial investment and constant subscription fees. There will be no unpleasant surprises. We rarely raise the prices: 1A First Alternatives has had the same prizes for five years already!
  4. Flexible: your ICT grows with your company, both expanding and shrinking. If your company grows, there are many possibilities to expand. When your company shrinks unexpectedly, it is possible to shrink and consolidate your systems too. Read more about ICT that adapts to your company
  5. Involved: expert business partners that each have their own specialties, regions or branches. You communicate all your ICT-wishes and support with your 1A-partner. 1A First Alternative can be delivered by a local supplier. Find your 1A-partner »
  6. Reliable: the quality of the services are continously protected and adapted where necessary. You are protected against loss of data, failures, virusses and spam. Read more about 1A-services »
  7. Accessible: your own private cloud. Your ICT is available everywhere, without the risk of your data ending up in the wrong hands Read more about private cloud »

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