Your online workplace

Your online workplace

Call it SaaS, PaaS, IaaS or CaaS, everyone has designed a XaaS (anything-as-a-service) to promote having your workplace in the cloud. But what is the cloud?


Your online workplace

Basically, cloud isn’t much more than an indicator that the workplace you use is linked to a server anywhere in the world. There your business processes take place. These are then projected on the screen of the device that you use as a workplace. That is why we chose to just name this Your online workplace.

No difficult abbreviations, language or exclamations which allow different interpretations, just a straightforward term. The server can basically be located anywhere, so we’ve simplified this into 3 setups:

  1. The server is placed on location at your office (on-premise)
  2. The server runs in one of our data centers in the Netherlands (cloud)
  3. A combination of both (hybrid)

In all cases, your ICT is a service you obtain from one of our 1A-partners. Even hardware can be leased in this way. We ensure that it all just works and that your ICT works for you. Your 1A-partner provides you with support.

You choose your workplace

The choice is of course yours to make. However, a large part depends on your situation. Especially having a proper internet connection. This usually determines whether you can really move all ICT off-site, or that an on-site server is required. Therefore, we do not preclude the possibility that a hybrid implementation is interesting for many companies. For example, it may be necessary to place a small server on location for storing large files. Your applications, backup and email may already be running off-site. In such cases, it will be much more efficient to combine the 2 options and not to exclude options beforehand. Of course, your 1A-partner supports you personally in making the correct decision for your organization.

Secure workplace

Frequently, the question is asked whether it is secure enough to work remotely. This is perfectly logical given how cybercrime is evolving. We are confronted with it more often every day. Of course, with the proper facilities and precautions, you can work securely wherever you want. Whether at the office, at home or on the move, your information is always available. And only available to you and your colleagues, provided they have the permissions to do so. We ensure that access to your workplace and business information is properly provided. This way you always have a secure workplace online.

Do you want your workplace online securely?