Your online presence

Uw online zichtbaarheid

When the internet was not yet widely known or too expensive, we placed advertising statements on the company building or on company cars. Often with the aim of generating brand awareness. Nowadays, almost everything happens online, so you want to be seen online and, more importantly found.


Your online presence

This, of course, starts with the creation of a proper domain name and website which is always available and fits your company. But where do you start? Exactly, a domain name must first be claimed on the internet so that you can further profile your company. A domain can be compared to a postal code and address for your company on the internet. Once registered, you can start realizing your company’s online presence.

It is possible to host new and existing websites and domains on our platform. This ensures that your website is always available. We can register your domain and can host the website for you as well. Of course, like with all our services, this is accompanied by the personal support you deserve.

Visibility to visitors

After setting up the website, it is of course important to make your presence known. In short, visitors will have to be drawn to the website. Many of us are already familiar with social media channels, blogging and maybe even vlogging. Many people still use flyers, brochures and other traditional media. Everything to increase brand awareness and get visitors to your website. After all, in the present time, your customers first research products or services online. They do not want to spend too much time searching for the proper, relevant information. So your website must always be available. Migrate your webhosting and accomplish the desired uptime of your website.

Building and optimizing your website

We believe that when we provide you with the capability to register a domain, we also need to provide hosting for the website. We ensure that your website is served securely and that you have the proper tools to manage your website, outsourced or not. In addition, our partners and we make sure that your website is always accessible and available to your customers. However, creating a website is not something we can do for you. But we do have partners who can reliably do this for you. If you are interested in this, we can of course introduce you. They can then further assist you in building the site, but also assist with search engine optimization (SEO).

Do you also want to optimize your online presence?