Personal support

Personal support

ICT should just work. It should not be a goal, but a means of accomplishing your business goals. These days, you are dependent on it. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone offered you personal support? Someone who has your back and has the knowledge to ensure you can do your job undisturbed.


Would you like to get personal support as well?

ICT is technology and if you do not want to do it yourself, it’s nice if you can just call a person. Someone who is happy to help you get back to work as soon as possible. And who understands that you cannot continue if, for example, the mail does not work. That is how it should be.

More often than not, there are long waiting times for various support departments, and your contact frequently changes. We can imagine that this is not a pleasant situation. We think it’s important that you feel understood and that you feel comfortable with calling for support. Our 1A-partners also own a SME business and with them, you are not just a number. You are a person and your business is important. Personal contact and personal support, that’s what you want as well, right?

Status report

When you purchase services, it’s great to have insight into the health of these services. Therefore, we send monthly status reports for each server. It shows exactly how much data traffic has gone in and out, how much mail has been received and sent, how secure your environment is and more. This allows you to easily monitor the usage and capacity of your 1A-environment. If necessary, you can act in a timely fashion. Your 1A-partner will help you in assessing what is needed to optimize your workflow and communication.

Job satisfaction

By working closely with our 1A-partners and giving you insight into how your 1A-environment is performing, we make genuine effort to be transparent in what we do for your organization. Your satisfaction is our concern. Are you satisfied and can you do your job well and undisturbed? That makes us happy and that is how we like to cooperate with you.

You deserve proper support

You are busy running your business and formulating your policies. You do not want to worry about the tools you use. Fortunately, our 1A-partners and we managed to take care of the concerns about the proper tools. We closely monitor your 1A-environment with our monitoring software and have short lines with our 1A-partners. Just as they have with you. Expert and personal support when you need it.

Do you want the personal support you deserve?