Optimal communication

Optimale communicatie

We all communicate, in many different ways. Think of a phone call, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, e-mail, video calls and, of course, regular personal contact. Business communication is easily accomplished with solutions like Office365, Kopano, and VoIP.


Communicating with VoIP

If you have followed the market somewhat, you have seen the term VoIP telephony mentioned many times. Voice over IP, or making calls over the internet. Cheaper, faster, easier, more flexible, and more reliable are absolutely keywords when someone talks about VoIP telephony. But more importantly, your customers can still call you. And you can still call customers and other relations when needed. That remains unchanged when switching to VoIP. You will get more functionality compared to traditional telephony solutions. That is communication with VoIP.

ISDN is dead, long live VoIP

If your business is in the Netherlands, you must have heard or read something about the subject. In the Netherlands, we still make use of the ISDN network that KPN has put in place at the time the internet became popular. However, after many rumors, the end is now in sight. KPN will stop providing ISDN in the first quarter of 2019. Many traditional telephone exchanges such as the Vox Davo or a Siemens telephone exchange will also lose their usefulness. But what happens then? You do want to keep in touch with your customers and other relations, right? Switch over to VoIP telephony today.

What makes VoIP so interesting?

The interesting thing about VoIP is that uses an internet connection. Previously, this was a separate connection and you paid KPN for a license. This is no longer needed when using VoIP. This means you start cutting costs immediately. In addition, calling rates are generally also cheaper when using VoIP.

Not only VoIP can be used over an internet connection. Nowadays it is also possible to connect an alarm system, ATM or video camera to the same connection. Previously, this was only possible on ISDN or analogue connections. Most providers have already been providing these services for a while (or via GSM without extremely high costs or additional investments). Ultimately, it’s about your ease-of-use. One bill and one contact for all your ICT related questions.

With us, you do not have to choose which features you want or do not want to purchase. Also, you are not required to redeem call charges, as is the case with some providers. At 1A you get a full-featured VoIP platform for a fixed low price per month. We also take care of the personal support on the services provided.

Optimal communication with Office365

A communication option which we can no longer live without, is groupware such as Exchange Online, which is part of Microsoft Office365. Email your colleagues, customers and relations, share your calendar and contacts. And all that with the familiar Outlook look-and-feel, which you are likely to have been using for a long time now. Of course, our partners and we will help you choose the right license for your organization. Start today.

Kopano as an alternative

Office365 is not obligatory of course. You have the freedom to choose. Kopano is thé open source solution for communication & sharing. It contains everything you need for your daily workflow. Because it is open source software, you maintain complete control over your data and infrastructure. You can see what happens to your data, anywhere and everywhere: on-premise or in the cloud. Of course, it is also easy to integrate into existing environments and its modular architecture is the basis for scalability. When choosing Kopano, you will also be assisted in making the right choice for your business.

Do you want optimal communication in your organization as well?