Connection to the Internet

Verbinding met het internet

Receiving, reading and sending mails. Your accounting system online. Your LinkedIn page. WhatsApp. All totally different things, but they have one thing in common. In order to use it, there must be connection to the internet!


Everything is connected

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a world without the internet. Everyone has at least 2 to 5 devices connected to the internet. Devices like a smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, pc, tablet, and smart tv. Of course this will only increase. You have probably already heard of IoT (Internet of Things). Almost any conceivable device will be connected to the internet and thus will communicate with each other. Our dependence on these is also increasing, both for private and business use.

Support via the internet

ICT can be remotely supported via the Internet. You can understand that it is very difficult to provide support without a proper connection. Always ask for the possibilities of a decent connection at your location. Our 1A-partners are happy to assist you. They and we can find out what the possibilities are at your location. This makes it possible to make a well-informed decision for the connection and everything that you will be connecting to it. Maybe the alarm or video cameras? WiFi and telephony? Fortunately, we can provide the right support in all of these matters.

Disruptions in your internet access?

What happens when you have no internet access? At home you could say it’s not a problem, no likes, snaps, apps, flix or googling. However, in business, we have a very big problem. Exactly, without a functioning internet connection you cannot access:

  • e-mail
  • web pages
  • webshops
  • telephony (in case of VoIP)
  • cloud services (corporate applications such as ERP, CRM or Document Management)

In short, a lot of services you need for your business cannot be accessed. It is therefore extremely important that you have a proper connection at work. And maybe even more important, a good SLA with agreements with your supplier / provider.

Extra certainty

To remove these concerns from you and to prevent you from being left without a connection, we ensure that you are connected. A proper connection is important for you to be able to do your work, but also for us so that we can do ours.

To provide additional certainty, our platform supports multiple internet connections. Thus, if the primary connection is lost, all traffic will be diverted to the second connection. It is also possible to split up traffic. This is usually done for VoIP telephony to ensure that regular traffic does not compromise the quality of conversations. If a connection is lost, all traffic will be bundled on the remaining connection until the other one is back. Then the traffic is automatically split up again.

Do you also want a reliable internet connection?