Your ICT environment

1A First Alternative is an ultimately flexibel platform. Whether your company has three employees or whether you have an organisation with multiple offices, whether your needs are simpel or you need groundbreaking technology: there is always a way in which 1A First Alternative fits your organisation.

How does this fit in my organisation?

There are a few elements that need to be clarified before it can be determined how 1A First Alternative fits your organisation:

  1. Current ICT-environment: how is your current situation? What runs smoothly? What needs extra attention?
  2. Company size and locations: what is the optimal ICT-architecture for your organisation? Is a Small Business Server sufficient or does your company need a multiple server system?
  3. Budget: what are the current costs for each FTE and what would you like them to be?
  4. Demands & wishes: are our standard solutions sufficient? Or do you require extra options?

Our certified 1A-partners would love to advise you about the possibilities.

What are the benefits for my organisation?

When you choose 1A First Alternative, you choose security and you prevent unpleasant surprises. Your organisation can be focusing on its core business instead of on IT-challenges. Your ICT becomes a means instead of an end. Choosing 1A-services brings many benefits to your organisation.

ICT that will adapt to your needs

As your company grows, there are many possibilities to expand. When your company shrinks unexpected, it is possible to shrink and consolidate your systems too. Your ICT adapts to you!

Your 1A-network

When all the answers on previous questions are clear, a design for the IT-architecture can be determined. We have developed a few standard 1A-network configurations, which fit in 95% of the cases. We provide the remaining 5% with customized advice.

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