Our mission

Our mission is to provide companies with first-class ICT, both in quality and functionality, for a fixed low price.

1A First Alternative takes responsibility for your systems. This makes our method suitable for use in SMEs.

We offer to-the-point solutions based on open source technologies and we respect the environment and the people. Functional beats commercial in all our development work.

In the spirit of open source, our way of doing business is also transparent. We do not promise life in cloud cuckoo land, but you will get the best we have to offer.

IT management made easy

In many situations a corporate computer network is set up with a server and some computers. This usually is a one time investment for hardware, software and installation. As the world of IT is very dynamic, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance in the form of updates, installing new versions or installation of entirely new software.

Performing updates can be compared to maintenance of a car: performing regular maintenance. But upgrading to newer versions or adding modules is more like rebuilding a house. Furthermore the environment of IT changes daily. These are fairly profound actions. This is why continuous attention is required and also more and more knowledge.

Outsourcing is too expensive

For large companies it is possible to have an ICT-team who fully takes care of maintenance. For SME companies this often is too expensive. In reaction to that, it often happens that the entire IT is outsourced, but that is often also very expensive; for every event a bill is sent.

We watch over your data and take care that your server:

  • is always operational by continual monitoring it
  • is always up-to-date by automatic installation of updates
  • secure by monitoring internet traffic and checking for virusses

We do this by:

  • using open source software
  • performing statistical research on monitoring data
  • maintaining one version of the product

Which is why you have:

  • an IT system which always works
  • an IT system which is always up to date
  • an IT system for a fixed price per month, ever since 2005