Unifi Video discontinued

We have been using the Unifi WiFi module from Ubiquity for years, to our great satisfaction. In this module it is now also possible to manage switches and routers. Although Ubiquity is increasingly directing the user towards using the cloud version of Unifi, the WiFi version that you can install on your own server is still fully supported and kept up-to-date.

Unfortunately, this is different for Unifi Video. Since a while ago Ubiquity focused entirely on the cloud version and development on the local version was halted. As of January 1, 2021, the app has also been removed from the app store (iPhone and Android). It can only be installed and used for the time being via an alternative download (Android).

We must therefore also discontinue this service. It is no longer available to order. Customers who have a working installation can continue to use it, they will no longer be charged. Support can only be done on a best effort basis. Alternatively, the customer can switch to the cloud version, which also supports the current cameras.

Since only a limited number of customers use this service, we will not develop an alternative for the 1A-server.



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