SoGo becomes Webmail

At the moment we have two groupware systems (mail, calendar, contacts) available on the 1A-server: SoGo and Kopano. We see more and more customers switching to Exchange Online (office365). As a result, the relevance of our local groupware solutions decreases.

SoGo is rarely used as a Groupware system, but mostly used for the mail functionality. We want to continue to support the mail function, because it is also used for system matters. Basically SoGo is a webmail frontend on the mail server and extra facilities for calendars and contacts.

We want to replace SoGo with a different email frontend. Since the email is handled by the backend, it will remain available when we remove SoGo (frontend). So there will be a different webmail, but the backend will remain the same. The specific SoGo functions, agenda and contacts will no longer be available

We will implement this transition in the next 6 months, handling each case separately. In the meantime, SoGo will remain functional. Once it has been turned off, it cannot be enabled again.

 SOGo Groupware



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