1A-telephony: favorites and temporary forced actions

Last month we added a number of great functions to 1A-telephony, such as favorites and temporary forced actions.

Improvements to the 1A-manager

A number of improvements have been made for telephony in the 1A-manager.

Additional columns have been added to users and devices with ‘outgoing line’ and ‘may set global’. This makes the most important information visible at a glance. These new columns are not visible by default. They can be enabled in the 1A-webconfig using the option ‘Show extra information in overview’.

When a forced action is set on an incoming line, you can now choose between ‘permanently active’ and ‘active today’. A start time and an end time can be specified for the latter. With this new feature, a forced action can already be preset. It also prevents the forced action from unintentionally remaining enabled.

In the 1A-webconfig two options have been added at telephony> Phonetool. These are especially useful to keep the overview list in the Phonetool clear for exchanges with many extensions or VoIP users. The option ‘Show only users’ ensures that no devices are shown in the Status tab and the favorites. With the option ‘Show only favorites’, the Phonetool only shows the users and devices marked as favorites in the Status tab.

1A-manager: geforceerde actie met starttijd en eindtijd

Improvements to the 1A-phonetool

When someone logs in to the Phonetool, the lists on the Status tab are now collapsed instead of expanded by default.

New is the addition of favorites on the Personal tab. When favorites have been selected, the collapsed list on the Status tab will only show these. To see all persons and devices, the list must be expanded.

When setting a force action on a line, the addition of ‘active today’ a start time and an end time is also available.

Phonetool: veranderingen sep 2020

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