New Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are the default rules that apply concluding agreements. As a result, we do not have to negotiate the (standard) agreements with every new agreement. In fact, this is exactly how we view IT and make and offer our services: scalable and affordable through standardization.

By applying Terms and Conditions, we not only save time and money. We also ensure that all parties know where they stand, including various issues which are not regulated by law. This way we prevent a lot of unnecessary risks.

Because we are IT specialists and not lawyers, we have not written our Terms and Conditions ourselves, but use those from a branch organization.

Why change?

ICTWaarborgNow that we are done implementing the ISO 27001 standard, the time has come to re-evaluate our choice of branch organization. We started out with ICTWaarborg, but switched to Nederland ICT a few years ago, because at that time we believed that this party would be a better fit. Meanwhile, ICTWaarborg has turned out to be an organization that is committed to innovation, just like us. They ensure that their services and products move with the times. This is a much better fit for us, so we have decided to return to their fold.

That is why we now also use the business terms and conditions of ICTWaarborg (Dutch). These confirm to the latest state of affairs regarding legislation and case law in the field of ICT. They are also updated when changes are needed, for example due to changed legislation or regulations. As a result, we can implement them quickly and inform you accordingly.

Our terms and conditions can be found on our website.


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