1A-telephony: LED indication further extended

The stability and flexibility of 1A-telephony make it a very popular service. This service is further enhanced by the complimentary Phonetool. This is a very powerful tool which shows availability, among other things. But there is another powerful tool, one that people almost always use: the phone itself! That is why we have extended the lamp indication even further. This makes business telephone calls even easier.

Exclusive selection of supported devices

Yealink T46GN EXP40Every device manufacturer has its own implementation and this can even differ per supplier. That is why we have chosen to support a number of brands from a select group of suppliers. We investigate the possibilities of these devices and integrate the interesting functions into our system. As a result, these will usually be limited to the devices that we support.

Configuring the lamp indication

Many devices have programmable buttons with a led indicator. You can configure them in the 1A-manager via the “advanced configuration” option. Because this is very technical, this is usually done by us or the 1A-partner at the request of the customer. It is important to functionally determine in advance what the ideal configuration is for your company. Here is an overview of all options:

  • Internal telephone → free (green), ringing (red flashing), busy (red). Action when pressed: call.
  • Users → free (green), ringing (flashing red), busy, DND or not logged in (red). Action when pressed: call.
  • Log in and out → logged in (green), logged out (red). Action when pressed: switch.
  • Conference rooms → free (green), busy (red). Action when pressed: call.
  • Parking spaces → free (green), busy (red). Action when pressed: call.
  • Calling groups → free or ringing (green), busy (red). Action when pressed: pick up.
  • Forced actions (day, night, lunch, holiday, use of settings) → inactive (green), active (red). Action when pressed: switch on.
  • Forced call group forwarding to specific number → inactive (green), active (red). Action when pressed: switch on.

If you want to make start using lamp indication, please contact your 1A-partner. There are of course many more features than just lamp indication. Your 1A-partner can advise you on how to make optimal use of 1A-telephony.

No 1A-telephony yet?

Please contact your 1A-partner today to make the switch to 1A-telephony!


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