ISO 27001 certificate acquired

Information security is one of the important key values for 1A First Alternative. For years we have been careful with data and developing services in which security is implicitly guaranteed. To raise this to a higher level, we have requested certification according to the ISO 27001 standard. The management establishes the policy, assesses the risks, determines the measures and periodically assesses the operation of the policy and the compliance with these measures internally and externally.

The road to ISO 27001 certification

In December we mentioned that we had passed the phase 1 audit to be able to obtain the ISO 27001 certificate. At that stage, the auditor checked whether the ISMS covered the requirements in the standard.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 certificate acquired!

The phase 2 audit took place on 1st March. In addition, the auditor examined the individual components in the ISMS with more depth. He has also identified deviations. With a small deviation and some points for improvement, it was advised that we were ready to receive the certificate. The Quality Masters certification body has followed that advice, as a result of which 1A First Alternative can now claim to be ISO 27001 certified!

The importance of certification

ISO 27001 is an international standard for the information security management system of an organization, the ISMS. This system focuses on the security of all (digital) data of the organization by continuously reducing risks in the field of information security. The standard is used both internally and externally to assess whether the organization complies with legislation and regulations and the proprietary criteria for information security.

We are an IT service provider. This means that we receive all kinds of information from our partners and customers. That is why the security of this information is our top priority. By being certified, we are obliged to continuously improve our business processes and services and thereby limit information security risks as much as possible.


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