Goodbye Webfolders, hello Nextcloud

As more and more customers are using Nextcloud, the time has come to phase out the old, loyal Webfolders. Goodbye Webfolders, hello Nextcloud.

In 2013 we announced our new application for allowing online access to your files. It was named Webfolders. This worked very well, but users also had the need to synchronize files, especially for working offline. That is why in 2016 we introduced ownCloud and later its successor Nextcloud.

Many customers now use Nextcloud satisfactorily. That’s why we decided to phase out Webfolders.

Phasing out Webfolders

We will start with reducing coverage of Webfolders by hiding the option when it is not enabled. Thereafter, the 1A-partners will contact the customers who have it enabled, but where there has been no recent activity, and ask whether they want to switch to Nextcloud or whether such file sharing is no longer necessary. The 1A-partners then will contact the frequent users to facilitate the transfer to Nextcloud. Only when Webfolders is no longer in use, we will remove the application as a whole. The manuals will first be classified as legacy and only after removal of the application, we will also remove the manuals.

Nextcloud Files

Of the entire suite we currently only offer the Nextcloud Files functionality. This component is used by millions of people at both large and small companies. The files in Nextcloud can be accessed via the browser and clients are available for desktop and mobile.

For the 1A-server we have ensured that the shares can be made available in Nextcloud via the 1A-manager, just like before with Webfolders. With the extensive web portal, which is available on the 1A-server, users can share individual files and folders themselves. This can be done with local users, but also with external people via special links.

People like to work together

Whatever you do to ensure security, some of your business data is already floating around in one or more public clouds. People must get their work done and the new generations of employees know which tools they want. So they share documents via mail, use Dropbox, Google Drive or Skydrive. The question is not whether you should use the cloud, but which one. And how you can get back in control.

Nextcloud has always been developed from the security-first principle. Unlike cloud solutions such as Dropbox, the files exist on your own 1A-server, whether it is located on-site or with us in the cloud. This means that your files are always isolated from those of other companies, unless you share them with them of course!

The functionality is very much the same as for Dropbox, so people who used that privately or with a previous employer can easily and quickly start working with Nextcloud.

No Nextcloud yet? Please contact your 1A-partner to have it enabled.


Richard de Vroede

A perfectionistic Jack-of-all-trades who dedicates all of his passion to his work.