Invoicing now done in My1A

In the past year it seems to have been rather quiet around the developments in My1A. Nothing could be further from the truth. An enormous amount of work has been done to develop and implement parts related to invoicing, such as catalog, inventory, financial agreements and the invoices themselves. We now do the invoicing in My1A.

The first runs

Last August it finally happened: we did the monthly invoicing in My1A for the first time! Of course there were some bugs, but we were able to fix them quickly. In September we ran into an issue of a bug in the framework itself, but we were also able to remedy that problem properly. We have every confidence that the invoicing of October will run smoothly.

More consistent and more transparent

The various items no longer have to be entered manually. Besides that this saves us a lot of time, the correctness of the information is much more guaranteed. For a number of configured services in our data center, we can now easily change subscriptions. And, not unimportantly, all processes and data are automatically tested and verified from front to back. In our test environment we only use anonymised data, in accordance with the European privacy legislation AVG/GDPR.

1A-partners can now also see all services and products in My1A which their customers use. This provides a much better and more up-to-date overview for the 1A-partners of all 1A-services they provide. This allows them to service their customers much better and faster.

IMPORTANT: Shift of the billing period

Previously, we billed around the 15th of the month for that month and the phone traffic of last month. This model did not fit in the new invoicing. That is why we now bill the previous month.

In order to prevent us from billing 13 months this year, we are advancing the billing date in the coming period, skipping December and bill again on  2 January 2019, which will cover the month of December 2018. From then on, we will bill the previous month every month. Because the phone traffic was already done afterwards, we will have to bill them two times in January: for December and November 2018.

New invoices, recognizable layout

The new invoices can be found at the same location in My1A, along with the old ones. To ensure recognisability, the layout is largely the same as the old invoices. The big difference in the new invoices is that the products and services are specified, instead of being placed in compound invoice items. As a result, the persons who handle the invoices have much better insight into what is being billed.

When certain items are purchased at a discount, this will also be shown. Each invoice also has the logo of the 1A-partner at the top right. If things have changed, such as address details, you can adjust them yourself in My1A. Then they are automatically used in the next invoicing.

My1A progressively more complete

My1A is becoming a progressively more complete portal for the administrative side of our services and helps us to process changes more quickly and to be more transparent.

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