Modern and secure webhosting with 1A

We have been offering web hosting for the websites of our customers for many years now. This allows us to ensure your online presence. Our web hosting environment is equipped with many security features and offers many conveniences.

By default, our web hosting is already complete:

  • access to files via FTP(s)
  • your own MySQL database
  • support for the PHP web programming language
  • access to visitor statistics
  • overview via My1A

Additional options are also available:

  • HTTPS with own SSL certificate or via Let’s Encrypt
  • get started immediately with a fresh WordPress website
  • multiple MySQL databases
  • PHP upgrade readiness scan
Moderne en veilige webhosting bij 1A

Your website safer and faster with PHP 7.1

Many websites still use older PHP versions. According to the PHP website version 5.6 is still supported until the end of 2018 with only security updates and older versions are no longer supported at all. In addition, PHP 7 is much faster than PHP 5. If you want to know which PHP version is used for your website, you can find it in My1A.

Limited-time offer: free PHP 7.1 readiness scan

We encourage everyone to upgrade their website to PHP 7.1. Unfortunately, the code that makes up the website is not always suitable for this. That is why we now temporarily offer a free PHP 7.1 readiness scan for all our webhosting clients with PHP 5.6 or older. When the website is compatible, it can be converted without problems. You only have to indicate that you want to.

If the website is not compatible, the report of the scan will give clear instructions on what needs to be modified. And if you do not have access to a web developer who can make the changes, we can propose one.

Get started right away with a fresh WordPress website

When your current website needs replacement, or you do not have a website at all, we now offer the possibility to start with a fresh WordPress website. You do not have to install the software yourself, we have already done that for you. WordPress is easy to use and is well maintained. Many websites on the internet use WordPress, from personal blogs to the largest news sites in the world.

Your 1A-partner knows what to do

If you have any questions or wishes regarding web hosting, please contact your 1A-partner. They can advise and provide you with modern and secure web hosting at 1A First Alternative.


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