Wi-Fi technology at SMEs is often outdated

Small businesses with mobile workers often have Wi-Fi networks over eight years old. According to IDC, commissioned by network specialist Linksys, this is due to SMEs delaying their investments to wait for the latest developments. Wi-Fi technology at SMEs is often outdated due to this postponement.

SMEs are economical

In itself, there is some merit to the findings of IDC, but it is also a fact that SMEs, especially Dutch ones, are very careful about their investments. And rightfully so. Nobody wants to invest in something that “already works”. But there is a big difference between workable and optimal. How many people are satisfied these days with having to wait a few minutes before being able to use a connection? Apparently still a lot.

Technology is always evolving

Especially in ICT, innovations are the rule rather than the exception. And those aren’t just about new features, but also about security. Also, innovations are not limited to just access points and routers. Especially the devices of the users are often more up to date than the company’s infrastructure. When devices support newer technology and need to fall back on older specifications, this does not provide a smooth user experience. Also, the latest security updates will not be very effective because the other side does not support them yet. The most recent example of this is the so-called KRACK attack. This attack exploits a flaw in WPA2, which is used for just about all Wi-Fi networks with a fixed password.

Wi-Fi technology at SMEs often outdated

Unfortunately, access points are often black boxes which are placed once and then usually forgotten. Updating such devices is a nuisance, if possible at all. Often, the chosen solution is to just replace them with new black boxes which will then be forgotten again. Forgotten equipment, especially network equipment, is also a serious threat to network security.

Automatically receive the latest updates

Our revolutionary Wi-Fi solution is different. The main component of Unifi is the controller, which is frequently updated by us to the latest version. All configuration is done through this central controller, making forgotten Wi-Fi devices a thing of the past. The new software also includes new firmware for the access points, which is automatically deployed. This ways your Wi-Fi environment will always be up-to-date, without your intervention. With our lease construction, you do not even have to worry about timely replacement of the hardware, we take care of it.


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