Cyber security seemingly too expensive for SMEs

Recent research by Deloitte, published in the FD (Dutch) on September 26, 2017, has shown that SMEs can not afford to mitigate the current cyber security issues in an affordable way. The market is said to be overheated, the solutions are too expensive and SMEs would only address the most urgent issues.

SMEs pay double

Expenditure on ICT security is twice as high for SMEs as for a large company (from around 100 million euros per year). Cheaper alternatives should be found so that the “ordinary SME” can properly protect their ICT from current forms of crime.

Cyber security properly implemented or not?

According to the investigation, the organizations in the financial sector should already be at the desired level of security, but healthcare is still behind. We do wonder if this really is the case. Has cyber security really been properly implemented in the financial sector? This sector includes accountants, notaries, investors and insurers. There are still a lot of companies with questions regarding cyber security issues which haven’t been addressed completely.

Is your organization already up-to-date?

With the solutions described in the article, some issues can already be addressed. However, would you place your company data on an external hard drive? That solution is not to our liking. We would rather see a well-considered and appropriate professional solution opposed to mucking about with an external hard drive. And, in many cases, a suitable professional solution does not have to be unaffordable.

An affordable solution is possible, even for SMEs

With years of experience in developing, delivering and implementing opensource and the use of various other software, we are sure that it is possible to facilitate an affordable solution for SMEs. Consider various possibilities such as:

  • 24*7 monitoring of all systems
  • Proactive management of the servers
  • Regular patches and updates
  • A proper backup of the data and your Office365 Mail (Exchange Online)
  • A stable and reliable firewall
  • A proper anti-virus solution
  • VPNs for remote connections
  • The Wwwfilter, as descibed here
  • Using tokens for two-factor authentication

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Most importantly, you do not have to research this yourself. Our partners and we are happy to provide you with thorough advice. Sometimes a reliable solution can be within reach.

May we provide you with advise?

Because all our services are based on monthly contributions, we always keep them affordable for every industry in every organization. Are not you convinced yet? Check out this article (Dutch).

We are happy to assist you with a good advice on reliable and affordable solutions. Interesting? Please contact us today for a non-binding consultation.


Wesley Vitters

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