1A-telephony extended: ringtones and LED indication

Telephony is very important for companies. That is why 1A-telephony already provides a very extensive feature set. Multiple lines, call groups, conference calls, opening, lunch and vacation times, and more. Nevertheless, requests for more functionality keep pouring in. The two most popular ones are for the phones: the ability to set a separate ringtone for internal calls and extended LED indication.

Every SME company is unique

Often, these companies have just a few requirements more. Which makes perfect sense. Because we mainly work with open source software, we can usually meet these requirements with a few minor customizations. But those scale poorly and therefore are a costly matter. Thus we integrate customizations once multiple requests have come in. This list of requests is very important to determine how we need to invest our time. And more importantly, where not to.

Exclusive selection of supported devices

1A-telefonie uitgebreid: beltonen en lampindicatieEach device manufacturer has its own implementation, and it can even differ per supplier. Therefore, we have chosen to support a select number of brands from a limited group of suppliers. These devices are analyzed by us and integrated into our system. That means that device-oriented functionalities will usually be limited to our selection of supported devices.

New: distinctive ringtone for internal calls

The supported devices of Yealink, Tiptel and Gigaset now have a distinctive ringtone for internal calls by default. For Yealink and Tiptel devices, the difference is subtle but evident. The Gigaset handsets use a melody for the internal ringtone by default. This can be customized on the handsets themselves, via: Menu → Settings → Audio Settings → Ringtones (Handset) → Melodies. Then select the message for Internal Calls.

New: more extensive LED indication

Many devices have programmable buttons combined with LEDs. Programming these buttons can be done in the 1A-manager via the “configure additional module” option. Because this is a complicated technical process, this is usually done by us.

We now have the ability to configure the status indicator for:

  • parked calls;
  • conference rooms (standard 107, 108 and 109);
  • day/night mode;
  • forced forwarding.

If you want to have one or more of these options configured, please contact your 1A-partner.

More available soon

For the near future, we have more features coming. For example, LED indication will become configurable on the call groups soon, on the primary and/or secondary groups. When the group rings, the LED will flash red. When the call is picked up, the LED switches back to solid green. This will be a clear indication for employees that action has to be taken.

We are also working on implementing IVR menus (Interactive Voice Response) in the 1A-manager. Once created, they can then be linked to the various call groups. Each menu can be configured with a message and up to 10 actions. When rolling out this functionality, existing menus will be converted where possible, so that they can also be edited in this way.

No 1A telephony yet?

1A-telephony is more than just very attractive rates. It is fully integrated into our 1A-services and offers an extensive feature set. Functional management can easily be done with the 1A-manager and with the included 1A-phonetool. And if there are any wishes, you can of course stake a claim on our personal support.

Please contact your 1A-partner today to make the switch to 1A-telephony!


Richard de Vroede

A perfectionistic Jack-of-all-trades who dedicates all of his passion to his work.