FMC – Fixed/Mobile Convergence

You may have heard of the term FMC. It is the popular term for integration of fixed and mobile telephony. Its implementation differs by telecom supplier. Then what is FMC actually?

VAMOGoogling VAMO (the Dutch abbreviation for FMC) provides several definitions, which mainly differ in the words between fixed and mobile: Fixed over/on/and Mobile. There is one thing that all telecom providers agree on. Somehow FMC provides integration between fixed and mobile telephony. So what is 1A’s definition of FMC?

Fixed to mobile

Users of 1A-telephony can forward their personal number via the Phonetool. This can be forwarded to any phone number, including mobile phones. The call groups can also be assigned to a forwarding number. In addition, we support a fallback number on all phone numbers. This fallback number is used when your own telephone exchange (1A-PBX) is unavailable.

Mobile to fixed

Mobile phones can also make use of the fixed telephony. This can be done with a so-called softphone, an app for VoIP telephony. The beauty of a solution like this, is that the phone’s regular calling features are not modified. Your mobile phone actually changes into a dual purpose phone.

When calling or being called in the usual way, that will happen on your own mobile number. Also, the cost is handled in the usual manner: via your mobile subscription.

When you make or receive calls using the softphone app, all traffic goes through your 1A-PBX. Your call will use the number you have on your fixed device. All short numbers and short codes you have available on your desk phone will work with the softphone app. The only condition is that you have an active internet connection on your mobile, such as 4G or Wifi.

1A-manuals are available for setting up a softphone. These include Android and iPhone.

Some telecom providers also offer SIMs that are linked to the VoIP contract. We do not offer this option.

Tailored advice on FMC

1A-telephony supports FMC as well. Like many IT-related issues, it is important for FMC to know what you want to achieve. What problem do you want to solve and which features are needed for that? Your 1A-partner can assist you with appropriate advice.


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