Event: ICTVakdag 2017

We provide Enterprise ICT for SMEs via our partners. In order to realize better regional and industry-specific coverage, we are always looking for more 1A-partners. That’s why we were present on the 8th of May at the ICTVakdag 2017. At this edition we presented our new strategy and started our search for 1 (re)starting entrepreneur for our new apprenticeship program.

ICTVakdag 2017

ICTVakdag 2017As in previous years, we set up a relaxed booth to disseminate that ICT is not about sharp suits, problems and large bills. With 1A-services, ICT is managed in a sustainable manner, and companies can again confidently focus on their core business.

The 1A-platform

With the 1A-platform, we can also easily offer our solution in the cloud. Every SME company has its own unique identity and therefore specific wishes and requirements. For example, consider the availability of a good internet connection. The 1A-platform is available in three flavors: on-premise, cloud and hybrid. These different arrangements make use of the same components, but set up in a slightly different way. That way, one solution fits all.


We are switching to Debian as the operating system for the 1A-servers. This shifts our focus from low-level Linux development to integration of various services. This allows us to pay even more attention to ease and flexibility.

KopanoAn integration we have been offering for over 10 years is Kopano (formerly Zarafa). This software continues where traditional groupware stops. It offers a sharing and communication environment, regardless of the device being used. Pom Balledux of Kopano accompanied us this time to emphasize that our integrations also include close partnerships as much as possible. This allows us to provide the end customer with the most enjoyable user experience.

The apprentice

Our new apprenticeship program aims to transform 1 (re)starting entrepreneur into a 1A-partner providing only 1A-services. After all, our 1A-platform fits every SME company from 5 to 50 employees.

Once we have found our apprentice, we will intensively provide guidance to set up or transform his or her business. We do this by appointing a mentor who has extensive experience as an incubator. Topics that will be covered include business management, the business plan, the target audience, the product portfolio, administration, internal processes, marketing and sales.

Tired but satisfied

We have gathered new contacts this year and a number of existing relations also came by to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a cookie. Tired but satisfied we can reminisce on a successful fair.

ICTVakdag 2017

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