Kopano with WebApp, sharing & communication for business

WebApp increases productivity and efficiency in communication. In addition to standard groupware features, it also includes collaboration and sharing with Files or Web Meetings.

Kopano with WebApp

Kopano met WebAppWebApp provides all the familiar functionality for e-mail, calendars and contacts necessary for productivity. It helps you by providing an overview of what is important to you, the user. Whether this is your incoming email, your weekly schedule or the contact details of that person you really need to call.

Search, find and preview

WebApp helps you get a grip on your email with a comprehensive overview of your (shared) mailboxes and the ability to view them directly, including attachments.

There are extensive search capabilities. That way, you can always find that one email that is important now.

Read and write emails in the way you find most pleasant, with many options for styles and formatting.

WebApp mailbox

WebApp agenda

Advanced calendaring

By delegating, you can use your time effectively. Calendar sharing is easy with WebApp. Keep track of the schedules of your team with the advanced calendaring features.

Planning meetings is simple. Select participants and WebApp will find a time when everyone is available. Need a meeting room? Add it to the calendar and make sure it is booked.

WebApp agenda

Manage your contacts

WebApp keeps track of your contacts. With the business card overview, it’s easy to find contacts and view them.

Contacts are also available on your smartphone and tablets with the standard synchronization features. This eliminates the need to install another app!

WebApp contacten

More information about Kopano can be found on the website of Kopano.

Soon more articles will be published, where we will go more into details of the various components of Kopano.


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