Kopano with DeskApp, ideal for the desktop

Kopano with DeskApp as the default mail program. Sending local files as attachments of e-mails from any Office application.

Kopano with DeskApp

Kopano met DeskAppWebApp increases productivity and efficiency in communication. In addition to standard groupware features, collaboration and sharing with Files or Web Meetings is possible. Integration with other programs, such as Office, facilitates your everyday communication even more. This is what DeskApp was made for. DeskApp was designed to be the bridge between WebApp and the desktop. This also provides functionality not available in other mail programs, such as Files and Web Meetings.

Desktop integration for WebApp

DeskApp adds capabilities that are not possible with a regular web application. It can be configured as your default mail program, which means that any other program can use it to send mail, including attachments.

DeskApp is also integrated in the explorer. This means that a file can be sent as an attachment from any location, locally or on the network. Right clicking and choosing to send as e-mail causes DeskApp to create a new mail message with the file attached. Even sending e-mails from any Office application is made possibile.

Desktopintegratie voor WebApp

Gemakkelijk inloggen met profielen

Easy login with profiles

DeskApp has the ability to start quickly. At first use, the user will be asked to create a profile. In addition, you can use your workstation credentials. By means of the options, you can choose whether to login automatically.

Of course it is also possible to set up multiple profiles. You can then choose which profile to use and a default profile can be set. You will then be automatically logged in and you can will be able to switch by logging out.

Gemakkelijk inloggen met profielen

Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

DeskApp is built for all major operating systems: Windows, Mac and many Linux distributions. Now you can use desktop integration on your favorite platform.

Because DeskApp is the bridge between WebApp and the desktop, they look exactly the same. So even when you are not at your workplace, you can always easily meet your everyday communication needs.

Beschikbaar voor Windows, Mac en Linux

More information about Kopano can be found on the website of Kopano.

Soon more articles will be published, where we will go more into details of the various components of Kopano.


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