Kopano with Outlook, the best of two worlds

With the Kopano Outlook Extension the power of WebApp and Outlook is combined and the user gets the best of two worlds: Kopano with Outlook.

Kopano with Outlook

Since Outlook 2013, connecting via ActiveSync is supported. It was originally designed for connecting with mobile devices. Therefore, the ability to work offline is already supported by default. Unfortunately, not all functions are supported which are available when connecting to an Exchange server.

That is why the Kopano Outlook Extension (KOE) was created. This 100% compatible Outlook plugin provides all functions which are not available in Outlook by default, but are available in WebApp. This means that even more functionality is provided than with an Exchange connection!
Kopano met Outlook

The Kopano Outlook Extension (KOE)

The KOE adds many features which are not available in Outlook with ActiveSync. This ensures the user gets the best of two worlds.

It allows users to open shared folders (mailboxes and calendars). And there is an out-of-office assistant and an availability assistant for the calendar (who of the invitees is available). It is also possible to send mail as another user (delegation).

Other examples of added functionality are:

  • Access to the global addressbook, including distribution lists
  • Automatic completion of email addresses
  • Reply/forward flags for email messages
  • Basic support for notes (create, move, copy, and delete)

Kopano is adding more and more functionality. And if a certain feature is still missing, don’t worry. A button has been added to the Outlook ribbon with which the WebApp can be opened.


Ease is one of our three core values. That is why we make our 1A-manuals. Voor end users we have published two manuals so far on using the KOE:

More manuals about using KOE will follow. The next one will be about sharing your own mailbox.

Finally, we have made manuals for administrators for installing the KOE, and to configure it for Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016.

Soon more articles will be published, where we will go more into details of the various components of Kopano.

Kopano Outlook Extension


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