Concerns about downtime more important than security

For the first time, IT managers are more concerned about downtime than security of systems. This is evident from the report Masters of Machines, published by research firm Quocirca for the third year in a row.

Downtime more important than security

Downtime belangrijker dan beveiligingFor the study, IT managers were asked to choose the five most important concerns and rate them with a score from 1 to 5. In 2015 they rated security with an average score of 2.58. Downtime was rated a 2.37. In 2016 this shifted and security was rated a 2.37. Concerns about downtime cast security from first place with an average score of 2.40.

Downtime belangrijker dan beveiliging

Not unrelated

Of course, security holes can also cause downtime. For example, by so-called denial of service attacks, where functionality of the IT environment is disrupted by attackers. But also falling victim to a (crypto) virus can cause a disruption in work. As a result, these two concerns strongly related.

There are two other factors, however, which have led to the increase of worrying about downtime. The increasing complexity of IT infrastructure and the growing dependence on ICT for the core business of companies.

Downtime can easily cost companies thousands of euros per month

On average, companies suffer three critical IT events per month. These events may, if they are not resolved quickly, degenerate into outright disasters and cost companies thousands of euros per month. To not to mention side effects such as damage to reputation. In the coming years this will only increase due to the aforementioned increasing complexity and dependence. All the more reason to outsource IT infrastructure to a party with a proven track record.

With 1A, you do not have to choose

We believe the occurrence of downtime and security systems are both equally important. Therefore, our partners and customers are not required to choose. 1A servers are monitored 24/7. We are constantly improving the installed software, and updates are installed automatically. Because of this downtime is relatively rare in 1A environments.

1A-services are developed based on 15 years of experience with high availability of IT services. If unfortunately something goes wrong anyway, the 1A-team is ready and waiting to solve your IT problems as soon as possible.


The study Masters of Machines III can freely be accessed on the website of Somerford Associates.




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