Zarafa WebApp 2.2.0

Zarafa WebApp 2.2.0 is finally available. In this version, the design has been completely overhauled. The new design is cleaner and offers more space for content which is important. You can choose from a number of different themes and the colors of the calendars can be customized under “Settings”.

Zarafa WebApp 2.2.0

Zarafa WebApp 2.2.0

The search filter requires fewer steps and filtering on items with attachments or unread items is now possible. Support for shortcuts was introduced in one of the first versions of WebApp and it provided two choices: on or off. This setting provided a large amount of keyboard shortcuts, some of which conflicted with existing keyboard shortcuts (such as for browsers or other applications). Now a new option has been added: “Basic”.

When this is selected, only the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts are enabled. These are marked with the label “Basic”.

And there is more:

  • A time span can be set for out-of-office messages
  • Multiple search tabs are now supported
  • More feature for DeskApp were added

With this version, WebApp is a lot more enjoyable and has become faster. It offers a serious alternative to other webmail products and in conjunction with the DeskApp also for fat clients like Outlook and Thunderbird.

Z-push 2.2.10 (ActiveSync)

Z-Push has been updated to version 2.2.10. We have also added a daily automatic check of the sync-states. The following issues have been resolved in this version:

  • Outlook via ActiveSync synchronization does not stop before anything is displayed
  • Z-Push now supports start and end times for away messages
  • Users with special characters in their user name can now log in as well

The full changelog is available on


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