Get more out of telephony with the Phonetool

The Phonetool is a desktop application exclusively for 1A-telephony. It shows a list of lines and internal numbers, your call history, and the ability to customize phone settings. You can also initiate calls directly from the Phonetool. This powerful tool now has even more functionality.

Shared contacts from SOGo

Customers who have 1A-telephony and SOGo groupware can now also initiate calls directly from Shared Contacts. The input field where a number can be typed or pasted into has been changed into a so-called type-ahead field: you start typing, and a list of filtered results is displayed from which you can click to call. The list is getting shorter as your input gets more similar to the result you are looking for.

Show call info of all users

By default, the Phonetool only shows whether or not other users are calling, not with whom they are calling. For some companies, it is important to see this information. Because this is a setting with impact on privacy, it can only be changed by your 1A-partner.

Accessible also from the Internet

By default, the Phonetool is only accessible from the local network (or VPN). In most cases, this is sufficient, but more frequently, people want to be able to connect from the Internet. This can be useful when external phones are used with built-in VPN functionality and the user has no VPN access. Becayse this is a setting with impact on privacy and security, it can only be changed by your 1A-partner.

No 1A-telephony yet? Please contact your 1A-partner as soon as possible!

Telefonie met de Phonetool

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