Your own time machine with Rsnapshot backups

Slight case of cryptowall? Mishap with the trash? No worries! With rsnapshot backups, you can easily back in time to restore your data.

Rsnapshot backups

With Rsnapshot backups can be made of a certain point in time in the intervals daily, weekly and monthly and multiple backups can be stored. Also, backing up to another location is possible. This backup is available immediately on the network, allowing you to restore a file quickly.

Rsnapshot in the 1A-manager

When rsnapshot is enabled, the source servers and backup tasks can be set. We have made a 1A-manual available with instructions on how to do this.

The status of the backup jobs is displayed in the 1A-manager, so you can see the status of all jobs at a glance. It is also possible to test all configured jobs from within the 1A-manager.

Rsnapshot back-ups in de 1A-manager

Restoring data

Restoring files and folders is easy: you can simply access the archive share, and copy what you want to restore. The archive shares are available in the 1A-manager under start → shares. Read access can be distributed to each archive share. There also is a 1A-manual available on this topic. Read / write access is not possible, since the archive shares cointain backups and not live data.

Reports by email

Every day a report is sent by email about the rsnapshot backups. We have ensured that the information is understandable and relevant. The report is not a technical printout, but has a distinct management function.

Rsnapshot back-ups rapportage per e-mail

External archive server

Rsnapshot can use a local 1A-server as an archive server, but the most secure Rsnapshot setup is achieved with an archive server at a different location. This may be another business establishment, but because Internet connections are becoming increasingly faster, it is also possible to place archive server at home.

Because the backups are stored on a separate 1A-server which is at a different location, the safety of the backups is also ensured when a calamity, like a fire, hits the main location.


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