Event: ICTVakdag 2016

1A First Alternative delivers total ICT solutions for SMEs via certified partners. To achieve better regional and industry-specific coverage, we want to connect more new qualified 1A partners. With this approach we were present at the ICTVakdag on May 9th, 2016.

ICTVakdag 2015Like last year we set up a relaxed booth to disseminate that ICT is not about sharp suits, problems and large bills. With 1A-services ICT is managed in a sustainable manner, and companies can again confidently focus on their core business.

Our 1A-partners do this by providing the customer with one or more 1A-servers on which functional management can easily be done by non-ICT personnel with the 1A-manager. 1A-servers are monitored 24×7 and updated automatically. Any problems are solved by the 1A-support team without user intervention. All support questions can be directed at the 1A-partner. In addition to the many standard options, additional 1A-options options are also available, such as 1A-telephony and Managed Wifi.

The foundation of 1A-services consists of 3 pillars:

  • Ease – ICT needs to be accessible. Our software is easy to use, the information is transparant en many services are integrated.
  • Sustainable – ICT is important for your company. It should therefore always work and it should last a long time. Our hardware and software is monitored and updated around the clock.
  • Together – It is important to have direct and personal communication with your IT-supplier. Therefore, 1A only supplies through certified 1A-partners.

This way, every company using 1A is ensured carefree ICT. Our 1A-partners are unburdened in this manner as well and can focus completely on providing quality services to their customers.

We have made a lot of new contacts this year and a number of existing contacts also came by to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a cookie. Tired but satisfied we can reminisce on a successful fair.

ICTVakdag 2016

Richard de Vroede

A perfectionistic Jack-of-all-trades who dedicates all of his passion to his work.