Developments in ICT follow each other rapidly. Many companies therefore need to invest regularly to keep up. To the contrary, SMEs who opted for the solution of 1A First Alternative have saved more costs than usual in the past six months.

The 1A engineers have succeeded where Microsoft did not want to: they have managed to convert an operating system based on the classic NT domain to Active Directory. And that with just a set of well-engineered updates!

Where the less fortunate SMEs have had to invest heavily to migrate their Windows server(s) to a new version (or to the cloud), 1A customers didn’t have to a thing: they were migrated completely free of charge to the new 1A-server with Active Directory without requiring new hardware or licenses.

In the meantime, 85% of the 1A-servers have been migrated live, without the users encountering any hindrance. Because this complex change is contained in the regular, linear update process which takes place periodically at night, they were able to just start work the next morning as if nothing had changed. We expect to be finished in late March with the migrations.

This linear upgrade of the classic NT domain to Active Directory is a milestone in (the) history (of the 1A-server) and we are quite proud this accomplishment!

Success story: migration to Active Directory


Richard de Vroede

A perfectionistic Jack-of-all-trades who dedicates all of his passion to his work.