Important update: intranet & extranet

Soon PHP, the web programming language for intranet and extranet applications, will be updated. As a result, it is possible that one or more of these applications will no longer function properly.

PHPThe 1A-partners have of course already been informed in a timely fashion, and in most cases action will already have been taken. If you have doubts about a particular application in intranet and / or extranet, please contact your 1A-partner or the vendor of the application.

Background information

Webindex on the 1A-server has had support for the web programming language PHP for years now. It is used for various software supplied by 1A, but can also be used by applications in intranet and extranet.

In addition to regular security updates, to ensure that this software remains as safe and modern as possible, a major maintenance update will be provided once in a while. Such updates remove obsoleted features and functions that already have a successor are marked as deprecated, so they can be removed in the next major update. This means that older applications may no longer work properly after the update has been applied.

All applications supplied by 1A have been adapted to ensure correct operation. However, we have no control over what customers and 1A-partners have placed in intranet and extranet. These applications must therefore be checked by the supplier and if necessary adapted for this new version of PHP.

Information for suppliers

PHP is updated from version 5.4 to 5.6.

Most important is checking the incompatible functions:

Also, the original MySQL extension is now deprecated. This means that it will still work, but will be removed in a subsequent version. This is why this should be replaced with MySQLi or PDO_MySQL.


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