Easy backups with Rsnapshot

With Rsnapshot backups can be made of a certain moment in time, like a sort of time machine. This 1A-option can now easily be configured with the Webmanager.

The backups can be made in daily, weekly and monthly intervals, retention (backups per interval) is possible and the backups are made available as archive shares which contain the backups divided into time / date .


For configuring the backup jobs, a 1A-manual is available. We also made an instructional video. This can be found on Youtube » (Dutch).

Because the backups are available via the archive shares, restoring files and folders is simple: copy the desired files and folders from the correct time / date folder. In the Webmanager read permissions can be set on each archive share. Read / write permissions are not available, as this data is a backup and not live data. For restoring backups, a 1A-manual is available as well.


For Rsnapshot there are three possible configurations: Standalone, Master / Slave and Master / Delegate.

  • Standalone – In this configuration, there is only one 1A-server. The backups are stored on a separate disk set in your server. Here your data is protected against failure of the original hard disks and against data corruption.
  • Master / Slave – In this configuration, the backups stored on a separate 1A-server. Here your data is protected against complete failure of the main server.
  • Master / Delegate – This is the most secure setup. The backups are stored on a separate 1A-server which resides in a different location, ensuring the security of the backup even in case of, for example, a fire at the main location. Here, the speed of the internet connections on both sides is important.




Richard de Vroede

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