1A Partner Day 2015

On Tuesday, November 17th 2015, 1A First Alternative organized the fourth 1A-partnerday. This took place at Kok Delftech Business Centre with the aim to strengthen ties with our business partners, to inform them and seeking their input on the developments done by 1A.

Program 2015

After the reception with sandwiches Hanc de Bokx kicked off with the welcome speech. The past year brought a lot of insights and a lot of changes, both organizational as well as technical. We have gone back to basics: who are we, what we do and why we do it. He also introduced the three pillars that form the foundation of 1A First Alternative: Simplicity, Sustainability, Togetherness.

Then it was the turn of Roel van Meer. He explained the technical changes last year and our focus for the coming year. The key points are: Groupware, implement more Active Directory capabilities and more options for backup. Of course we will keep you informed of future developments by way of our news articles.

An important part of our service is the integration of Groupware. Therefore Richard de Vroede told about the future of Groupware at 1A in the next presentation. Market developments have forced us to scrutinize this subject and to examine whether the current supply still meets the demand. The first half year of 2016 we will largely focus on development of and communication about Groupware.

This year we introducted the workshops. The first two had a commercial focus. The workshop “Sales” was organized by Gerard van den Heuvel. And Hanc de Bokx took care of the “Consultancy” workshop. After a brief introductory presentation the case studies were presented and the groups were given the opportunity to develop them and then present their cases to each other.

The second set of workshops were more technically oriented. Bart Rodenburg and Hanc the Bokx led the workshop “Installation and Configuration” and Gwen Holscher treated the subject “1A telephony.”

The workshops were positively received in such a way that the only downside was made clear: there wasn’t enough time.

Hanc de Bokx concluded with an evaluation of the day and our vision for the (immediate) future: how can we ensure that you, the SME, in a world where cloud increasingly prevails, are not in danger of having to pay too much for less support, control and individuality.

Afterwards all 1A-partners received a small gift (the Wonky Monkey Rumble Speaker). After which everyone headed over to out headquarters, where the day ended with a modest drink. In our Orange Room there was a demo available for a new 1A-partner tool.

This year the 1A-partnerday was a great success with important feedback from the 1A-partners. We look forward to the next edition!


Richard de Vroede

A perfectionistic Jack-of-all-trades who dedicates all of his passion to his work.