Certification: ICTWaarborg

Quality and reliability are very important to us. One of the ways to demonstrate this, is to obtain certifications from independent parties. One of these parties is ICTWaarborg. This Dutch industry association has a certification program where quality standards are the benchmark. With great pride we can announce that 1A First Alternative has earned this certification!

Certificaat ICTWaarborgQuality, knowledge, service and reliability are the cornerstones of ICTWaarborg: a deal is a deal. This they also apply to their certification process. This includes verification of effective compliance with legal requirements and with their own Code of Conduct (Dutch).

ICTWaarborg also offers the possibility through the Dutch website automatiseerder.nlto assess affiliated companies. We cordially invite you to assess us:

Recensies van automatiseerder 1A First Alternative op www.automatiseerder.nl

More information about the ICTWaarborg certification can be found here (Dutch) »


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