Configuring e-mail on mobile made easy

A commonly used functionality of Zarafa is the ability to sync with mobile devices. That is why we now offer support for AutoDiscovery, which makes configuring this much easier. Also other mail software with support for AutoDiscovery, such as Outlook for Android, will be easier to configure.

Of course, the 1A-manuals for Android and iPhone & iPad have been updated to this new standard.

How it works

The principle of AutoDiscovery is simple: your email address and password are used to retrieve the rest of the settings from the 1A-server. This is done by accessing a special Web address. For all 1A-servers where we manage the domains, the Web address has automatically been created and directed to the proper 1A-server.

This ensures that customers using Zarafa who have outsourced management of their domains to us can use this new functionality without having to perform any action! When configuring your email on a mobile phone, you can already benefit from this.

For customers who do not have their domains managed by us, there is a brief instruction at the bottom of this article on how to accomplish the same.


Because Autodiscover traffic uses a secure connection, the server certificate is important. If this does not correspond exactly with the AutoDiscover address, some devices will display a certificate warning which can be ignored (eg. iPad and iPhone), while others will simply work (eg. Samsung Galaxy S4) and some devices may simply popup an error and refuse to work.

Of course, we have done everything possible to avoid this situation. Unfortunately this is a limitation of the AutoDiscover standard, and can not be resolved uniformly for everyone.

Please contact your 1A-partner if you need assistance in setting up your server certificate.

For customers who do not have their domains managed by us

Customers who manage their domains themselves or have outsourced to another party must first create a DNS record with the following settings:

  • Host Name: autodiscover.<mail-domain>
  • Record Type: CNAME
  • TTL (Time To Live): As low as possible
  • Address: <server-address-of-your-1A-server>

This must be done for all e-mail domains on which you wish to enable AutoDiscover. These e-mail domains must be hosted on your 1A-server in order for this to work.

You can find the server address of your 1A-server by following the 1A-manual Information about your 1A-server »

Please contact your 1A-partner if you need assistance in setting up the DNS record.


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