Webmanager: new menu and sub admins

The Webmanager is one of the most important parts of a 1A-server. It allows you to easily perform all functional management. Recently we have made two major changes: assigning sub admins and simplification of the menu structure.

Sub admins

A much requested feature was being able to assign a sub admin. Someone who, for example, should be able to manage only telephony. We have now made this possible by supporting special groups with the naming scheme “<feature> admins”, for example “share admins”.

A user may be a member of more than one of these groups, and then has access to all the modules these groups allow access to. Suppose a user is a member of “share admins” and “VoIP admins”. This person can administer the shares and telephony. However, these groups are not created automatically in order to prevent clutter. When you want to use this functionality, the required groups must be created manually. The names of the available groups can be found in the help text of the groups module. Note that making sub admins a member of the administrators allows them access to all modules.

New menu structure

Over the years, the menu of the Webmanager became ever more extensive, because we now offer many more features. Therefore, it was time to closely review the menu structure.

There are now up to seven categories: start, system, network, Internet, telephony, backup and applications.

We have grouped the most frequently used functions under “start”. This category is opened by default after logging in, making these functions directly accessible. All remaining functions have been assigned to the other categories in the most logical way possible.

Other changes

We have also solved some small issues:

  • The sender address of a user can now be part of any domain
  • Usernames can now start with a number
  • Empty shares with a network recycle bin can now be removed
  • When configuring individual callgroups (telephony), there is now an additional button “save, next” present
  • No login script is made anymore for the user with the name “login”, because this overrides the default login.bat

Richard de Vroede

A perfectionistic Jack-of-all-trades who dedicates all of his passion to his work.