Don’t upgrade to Windows 10 yet

July 29, 2015 marks the day Windows 10 will be released. Of course we have had this most recent addition to Microsoft’s product range on our test bench. Unfortunately, it was found that at this time it is not compatible with a 1A network. Therefore please do not upgrade to Windows 10 until your 1A-partner or we inform you otherwise.

Luckily we already foresaw these problems well in advance and have been working towards attaining 100% compatibility with the latest Microsoft software. An important milestone in this process is Active Directory support in the 1A-server. The first tests with Windows 10 in conjunction with a 1A-server with Active Directory went smoothly.

Please do not upgrade to Windows 10 yet

Experience teaches us that a more cautious attitude towards new software is a very wise choice. Often in the period shortly after such a major software publication many changes appear, as people realize that not everything was implemented properly. This also gives the community the opportunity to test and document various aspects of the new software.

To avoid problems in your daily workflow, we recommend that you refrain from upgrading to Windows 10, and to consult with your 1A-partner before commencing such a change.


In the next two months the 1A-partners and early adopters will be migrated to a 1A network with Active Directory. Meanwhile, we are working hard to test compatability with as much hardware and software as we can. From September 1st, all new 1A-servers will be provided with Active Directory support and we expect to start migrating existing 1A-customers in Q4 2015. As you have come to expect from us, even with such a radical change you will experience little to none hindrance.

Wat is er nieuw in Windows 10?

The release of Windows 10 marks a special milestone as this is a universal operating system: it is suitable for desktops, tablets, Windows Phones and the Internet of Things (various network devices for specific applications).

There are some new features that stand out:

  • New browser: “Microsoft Edge”
  • Cortana for Desktop
  • The start menu returns
  • Task View and multiple desktops (for multitasking)
  • Command Prompt supports hotkeys (such as CTRL + V to paste)
  • Snap Assist (distributing programs on your screen in different formats)
  • Desktop mode (application windows) and tablet mode (full screen)

More information about Windows 10 can be found on the WindowsTechBlog website (Dutch).


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