Farewell MySQL, hello MariaDB!

One of the main components of an IT system is the ability to store data. This often occurs in a database. The 1A-server has used with the dominant open source database server MySQL since the beginning. However, in recent years reasons have arisen to replace it. We have now made the switch to MariaDB.

In 2008, MySQL was acquired by Sun Microsystems (known for Java) and in turn was acquired in 2010 by Oracle, which previously only sold Enterprise software. A number of employees of the original MySQL company left the company and started a new company which released a so-called fork of MySQL, called MariaDB.

MariaDB versus MySQL
The goal of MariaDB is to replace MySQL and additionally offer more features and better performance. MariaDB integrates the open source components of MySQL and adds enhancements and improvements from the open source community. The main differences with MySQL are:

  • MariaDB is 100% open source. This means that certain features of MySQL Enterprise which have to be paid for are available by default in MariaDB (for free).
  • MariaDB has a much more comprehensive test suite, allowing bugs and regressions to occur much less frequently.
  • MariaDB also adds enhancements from the open source community, not just bug fixes.
  • MariaDB pays more attention to performance.

The biggest obstacle for us was that Zarafa still not fully supported MariaDB. But since 7.1.10 that is now the case. Also, the performance improvements in MariaDB will ensure that Zarafa will perform better.

Reason enough for us to make the transition to this proven MySQL competitor.


Richard de Vroede

A perfectionistic Jack-of-all-trades who dedicates all of his passion to his work.