Changes for Zarafa groupware

With Zarafa on the 1A-server you not only have access to e-mail, but also to calendars and contacts. Recently we have installed new versions of WebApp and Z-Push. We also have aligned Online Backup and Zarafa backups in a more efficient way.

Zarafa WebApp

Zarafa WebApp has been updated to version 2.0.1. Here the focus lies on improvements in the HTML editor. A new feature is the use of Z-Files. The user can access shares which have been shared via Webfolders directly from WebApp. To use this service, Webfolders has to be enabled and the users who will use it will have to be a member of the group “webfolders”.

From this version we consider WebApp mature enough to replace WebAccess. Therefore, the WebApp icon is displayed first on the home page instead of WebAccess, which is now places further along in the list. The URL / zarafa now also refers to the WebApp instead of WebAccess.

Zarafa Z-files


Z-Push, the software which provides the ActiveSync connection that allows mobile devices to synchronize, has been updated to version 2.2 final. The most interesting change in this version is that AutoDiscover is supported. What that comes down to, is that a user only has to enter the email address and a password and the rest is set up automatically (iPhone configuration goes from 6 screens to only 2!). Unfortunately, this feature is also dependent on DNS and the certificate. Therefore we are working hard to find a method that will work for most 1A customers.

More (technical) information about AutoDiscovery can be found on the Z-Push website »

The full release notes for Z-Push 2.2 can also be found on the Z-Push website »

Zarafa backups and Online Backup

For servers with Online Backup the frequency of the full Zarafa backups has been changed from once per week to once every two weeks. This ensures that less bandwidth and retention is consumed.


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