Event: Reseller Gezocht

1A First Alternative only operates through local, certified partners. To improve regional and industry-specific coverage, we are working on finding more suitable 1A-partners. With that approach we were present at ‘Reseller Gezocht’ on Friday, April 24th, a symposium organized by ICTwaarborg.

Reseller GezochtThe symposium was held at the Van Der Valk Hotel in Houten. In three short presentations we explained the benefits of supplying 1A-services. Hanc de Bokx kicked off with an introduction of our company and our philosophy. Richard de Vroede continued with explaining how the simple yet sophisticated tools developed by 1A support service provisioning and Gerard van den Heuvel concluded with illustrating sales opportunities and the revenues 1A-partners receive when providing 1A-services.

Some resellers showed interest and we will visit them soon for an interview. We therefore assume we have once again expanded the number of 1A-partners.

ICTVakdag 2015, will you be attending as well?

On Monday, May 11th the ICTVakdag will be organized by ICTWaarborg. This is the national trade show for ICT companies in the Netherlands. In the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, we will have a beautiful stand to entice potential partners to start supplying the 1A-services. Our stand will have a relaxed decor to provide a pleasant atmosphere. This way we can explain how we do business in a serene and tranquil environment. Of course, you are welcome too!

ICTVakdag 2015


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