Webmanager: various improvements

One of the key elements of provisioning ICT services with 1A, is the ability to easily manage all of your IT with our 1A-manager. This is therefore a very important piece of software on which we spend a lot of time and effort. This time many functional issues have been addressed.

Functional improvements

It is now possible to use six extra network cards in addition to the connection for the local network (formerly five). These can be used for various purposes, such as Internet, DMZ (a separate network of servers) and guest network access restricted to Internet access. The first Internet connection is standard. All other connections are custom-made. Your 1A-partner can advise you on your specific network requirements.

The 1A-server supports two types of email addresses. By default, all additional e-mail domains are linked to the main domain. In the advanced setup, e-mail addresses for each email domain can be set individually. In the advanced configuration it is now possible to create an email address for all email domains simultaneously.

People expect that when a sender address is configured when a user is created, that e-mail for that address can be received by this person as well. But if that address already exists (e.g. info@maildomain), then that is often not the desired behaviour. Therefore the receiving e-mail address is created now, if the email address does not exist and provided it belongs to your own email domains of course.

When the 1A-server is not the mail server, the user details will no longer include an email address. This also prevents the situation that it was required to enter an email address in such environments.

When editing an email address, there is now an option to remove that address entirely. This is especially useful when many recipients are associated with the email address.

Squashed bugs

A number of bugs have been addressed as well:

  • When creating a user, an email address is created as well, as this was possible previously as well
  • It is no longer possible to create shares on volume 1 when user quotas are active
  • Recovering files with foreign characters in the file name from Online Backup now works correctly: these files previously were incorrectly named
  • The Windows sessions were not displayed in some cases

Richard de Vroede

A perfectionistic Jack-of-all-trades who dedicates all of his passion to his work.