Encrypted e-mail messages

The first e-mail on a computer network was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971. Since then a lot has changed. The latest developments in the world of e-mail are related to privacy and security. Now the e-mail traffic to and from your 1A-server is safer as well.

From now on, if possible, e-mail is securely send and received with modern encryption. This ensures that the e-mail can not be read when an Internet connection is tapped. The prerequisite for this is that the other side must also support this encryption. If it does not, the connection reverts to the old, insecure method of transmitting or receiving in order to ensure the e-mail messages reach their destination. All of this is accomplished with the TLS protocol.

Do mind that this does not mean that the e-mail traffic is automatically encrypted on the entire route. E-mail messages hop from point to point until they reach their final destination. This means that the recent change is only applicable to the connection between the 1A-server and the next hop. The security of the whole process is dependent on the encryption between all points.

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