My1A version 2.2 is now live

The remaining issues for My1A phase 2 have been completed. We proudly present My1A v2.2!

Besides some minor improvements for 1A-partners and ourselves, we especially payed attention to practical and aesthetic improvements for everyone.

My1A Remember me

My1A PDF viewer

My1A VoIP graphs

  • The addresses are now divided into “Physical address” (basic information) and “Postal address” (financial information)
  • Overview “Servers” now has two additional columns: “Host name” and “Location” (if you have more than one 1A-server)
  • You can now choose whether to receive the quarterly 1A-newsletter in your My1A-acount
  • The information on hosting was not clear enough; this has been improved
  • 1A-news now has a button to the RSS feed
  • The black bar at the top now always stays on screen when scrolling
  • On the login screen the language selection is replaced with “Remember me”; when this option is checked when logging in, you will remain logged in until you log out yourself, even if you close your browser
  • After using the “forgot password” feature and entering a new password, you are now logged in automatically
  • The PDF reader has been completely renewed in order to achieve consistency with the rest of the design and to improve the user experience (even on smaller screens such as mobile phones)
  • On the detail information of telephony there are now graphs present which show the quality of the internet connection (and therefore the call quality)
  • A few minor security enhancements have been applied
  • Your language preference will now be remembered

Curious about the new possibilities in My1A? Please login at the My1A Web portal »


Richard de Vroede

A perfectionistic Jack-of-all-trades who dedicates all of his passion to his work.