Gigaset phones now supported in Webmanager

Handsets are popular as a second phone or for flex purposes. 1A has been supplying Gigaset handsets and the base station Gigaset N510 IP (up to 4 handsets) for a while now. This is why we have now added support for them in the Webmanager!

Gigaset N510 & R410HSetting up a base station and handset differs from fixed phones: the base station handles the connection, the handsets the phone numbers. Normally, a device’s MAC address must be unique, but when using a DECT gateway such as the N510, the same MAC address is used for all connected handsets.

First you need to fill in the MAC address of the N510 and set the model to “Gigaset N510 IP”, then click “Save”. Now a handset can be selected. Please note that six handsets are available, but only four can be used simultaneously. This is a limitation of the Gigaset, not the provisioning.

Below is an example of what this looks like in the Webmanager:

Setup Gigaset N510 IP and handset

No 1A telephony yet? Please contact your 1A-partner as soon as possible to switch to 1A telephony!

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