Zarafa: New client with automatic repair and Click-to-Run support

The Zarafa client ensures that users have a great Outlook experience and can also take advantage of the advanced features Zarafa offers. Unfortunately, it would happen that Microsoft released an update for MS Office which caused annoying popups to appear when starting Outlook and the advanced features of Zarafa did not work. There was nothing for it but to wait for a new version of the client. This is now a thing of the past!

This problem was one of the biggest annoyances for Zarafa users. The developers have worked diligently in recent months to rewrite the Zarafa client for Outlook completely.

ZarafaIf something changes in Outlook after an update, the Zarafa client automatically adjusts to this new version. At the core of this solution lies an ingenious system which uses previous experiences with updates to try to adapt to the new situation. Moreover, the advanced features are now repaired part by part, so that it is no longer an all-or-nothing situation, but per part. Therefor the impact of an update from Microsoft has become a lot less.

This automatic repair function has been mostly successful up to now. In the unfortunate cases where problems still appear, at the least there will be no more popups. Waiting for a new version will also be a lot more bearable, because most features still work. The waiting time for a new client has been significantly reduced, since the developers of Zarafa can now concentrate on the specific part which broke.

Another change is the way the Zarafa libraries are loaded into Outlook. This has contributed to solving the popup problem and ensures that the combination of Outlook 2013 and Windows 8 UEFI secure boot work properly now. Also, the Zarafa client is now compatible with Click-to-run versions of MS Office.

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