My1A: the rebirth

My1A has already existed for a number of years and was meant to make status reports and VoIP specifications available to 1A customers. That can be improved! That is why we started to completely redesign My1A last year so that the entire service of 1A First Alternative can be accommodated therein. After months of development and an extensive beta test with a number of 1A-partners and customers, now it has finally arrived: the first phase is live!

At the start of the project we have compiled a huge list of functional requirements. These were then divided into several phases to ensure that we have a strong foundation (phase 1) and can periodically add more functionality. Our 1A-partners, the link between us and the customers, will be able to optimize their services with My1A as well.

My1A company information

My1A PDF-viewer status report

In this first phase, the emphasis was on the application layer, making status reports and VoIP specifications available to 1A-customers as well as 1A-partners, company information as known by 1A First Alternative and making any relevant documents available to 1A-partners (newsletters, price lists, manuals, etc.).

From inception to going live was a turbulent period in which the various interests, both internal (functional vs. technical) and external (partners and customers), often clashed. In the end we managed to finalize everything with only a few, relatively minor, requirements getting abandoned or postponed.

We are very proud of this first release and are already enthusiastically working on phase 2. The project design has been finalized and development has started. In this phase, we want to ensure that all parties with a direct relationship (1A ↔ 1A partners ↔ customers) can view as much information we have available as possible and immediately be able to submit a request for change. Available information will include Online Backup, Telephony, Domains & Hosting, and details on 1A-servers.

In Phase 3 we will focus on the various 1A-options and the financial information. In phase 4 it will be possible to edit all information directly in My1A and the remaining requirements/wishes will be addressed.

Because we have completely rewritten My1A, it was not possible to maintain the old accounts. Therefore the main contact of each 1A-partner and every customer automatically receives an email with new account information, with which logging in will be possible. Account management for your business is now entirely up to you and your 1A-partner.

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